Sky Ranch Tagaytay experience

This is not the first time doing traveling solo. My first solo travel happens 4 years ago going to Pangasinan to visit the Our Lady of Manaoag.  It is almost a four-hour drive from Pasay to Urdaneta to Manaoag. Since I am not familiar or doesn’t have any idea going to there “tata nong” (nag tatanong) is always with me. Anyway, my visit to Tagaytay is not really planned as it is an abrupt decision to go there. The first plan along with my colleagues is to visit Majayjay Falls but then it was canceled because of so many reasons. Because I already scheduled my rest day and I really wanted to go somewhere to at least forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

I decided to look for DIY solo travel blog on the internet to my destination and searched for the nearest bus terminal which has a daily trip going to Tagaytay.  One of the suggestion is to ride Bus at the Bunedia Terminal but to no avail after minutes of waiting. The time is precious for my day tour and traveling solo. I decided to go to Edsa Rotonda Terminal for sure there are buses going to Tagaytay. True enough, I boarded in Bus bound to Nasugbu that cost me around P 83.00  I asked the bus conductor to drop me off at Tagaytay Rotunda commonly known as “Olivarez” with landmarks such as the like of  Chowking, McDonald and the New Mall by Filinvest – Fora Life Malls.


I go inside the mall and decided to have my lunch there but I have noticed the absence of some popular fast food chain, instead, I roam around the mall to check what was inside but few stores are opened maybe because it’s a newly open mall.  I ended up eating lunch at Chowking.

At that time, the city has Zero visibility, we all know that Tagaytay has a perfect climate. You will feel the breezy afternoon when I walked from Rotunda to another mall Ayala Malls Serins.


I ride a jeep going to SkyRanch with a minimum fare of 9.00 pesos. Just look with the signboard of NBI/Sky Ranch.  I enjoyed the cold air and drizzling afternoon as we headed towards our destination.

I paid the Sky Ranch entrance fee of 80.00 pesos. But they have this promo entitled Great Days Treat happening from July 04 to October 7, 2018.


I am not really a fan of a Theme Park but I enjoyed my short stay even I didn’t experience any of their rides.  But it really amazed when I saw the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the country as they claimed. Sadly because of fog, I was not able to sight the Taal Volcano.


The Sky Eye


Taal Volcano

Some Attractions at the Sky Ranch;

Express Train


Super Vikings


Horse back riding


I enjoyed my trip even for a short time and visit one destination. I know Tagaytay has so much fun and place to experience but I need to planned it more and have the itinerary to explore this wonderful city.


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After several years of planning to visit Cebu, I finally had a chance to go there with a friend to celebrate my birthday. We have a one night stayed at Be Resort, a complimentary accommodation given by a new friend. Be Resort is pretty cool because of its refreshingly colorful ambiance. I love the design of this place particularly the furniture sofa, chair etc. !

Be Resort Lobby

The staffs are courteous and friendly. The resort was under renovation when we had our overnight stay last June 25, 2017. But it doesn’t matter because we still enjoy our stay. The buffet breakfast has different choices.

The  Be Resort Facilities.

The location is near the Airport but the only problem is that no nearby restaurants, convenience stores or grocery you have travel going to 7-11 Store near the Mactan-Lapu Lapu Shrine. Or you can go to The Mactan Newtown where you will see McDonald’s and the like.   

I attend the 5:30pm mass at;
 I was not expecting so much in Cebu because I’ve heard so many reviews about it. But to our surprise, almost all cities are near yet so far… it was also not advisable to go there without a clear itinerary, (well I guess for those who are the first timer). But I would say, I still enjoy my visit in Cebu even we don’t have the chance to go to the downtown or to visit all the basic destinations within the City. But only these;
The Magellan’s Cross
Municipal Hall
Fort San Pedro
Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
Plaza Independencia, Cebu City
It’s fun to be in Cebu even in the wee hours of the night. I’m going to explore the City the next time and I will have my clear itinerary on where to go to Cebu again.
next write up Day 2 Travelling to Oslob. 


My First Trip in Cebu

My Lakbayan grade is D!


Naaliw naman ako dito, na miss ko tuloy ang mag fieldwork at mag laboy. Nang dahil sa work ay nakarating na ako sa ilang parte ng Pilipinas tulad ng Davao, Cagayan De Oro at ang ilang parte ng Luzon. Sa parteng Visayas na lang ang di ko pa napupuntahan at hopefully mapuntahan ko din sa mga darating na araw.

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My Lakbayan grade is D!

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