Vote for Miss Philippines at Miss World 2008

Miss Danielle Kirsten CASTANO
Miss Danielle Kirsten CASTANO

Let us unite and vote Ms. Philippines candidates for Miss Workd 2008 although me chance nya na pumasok sa Beach Beauty and Sports Fast Track, I guess mas magandang i vote din natin si Danielle for Ms. Peoples Choice,

No.3 Favorite na rin si Danielle sa at nasa Top 5 na sya sa Global Beauties dartboard kaya sya na ngayon ang favorite sa Asia Pacific Region. Continue Voting!

Klaudia grew up in Wysiedle, a beautiful small town where every one knows each other, it is just like being in one big happy family! Klaudia’s proudest moment was when she was accepted into university, she is now studying Management. Her ambition is to open her own restaurant. Sporting and leisure interests are: jogging; volleyball; listening to ‘Guns & Roses’; spending time with her older sister by the lake, and looking after her pet dog and cats; she also enjoys photography. Favourite food is spaghetti.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!