Aja Aja Tayo!


Last July 17, 2018, I was invited for a formal program introduction of TV5’s newest variety game show to be aired every Saturday, 11:30am to 12:30pm.  Aja Aja Tayo is the first Filipino-Korean game show in the Philippines produced and spearheaded by Jung Sung-Han head of ShowBT Philippines, a Korean company doing business here in our country.

The trade launch of Aja Aja Tayo! Also featured SB19, an all Filipino boy band but trained in K pop styles and BNF Benefit, the first Korean talents to join in the pilot episodes of Aja Aja Tayo.  The show will be TV5’s first Filipino-Korean game show challenge that will showcase both cultures.

Aja Aja Tayo will have its pilot episode this July 21, 2018, hosted by Wilma Doesnt and Mr. Fu also as Team Captain together with Actor-Host Jojo Alejar and Steena, a Korean artist they will act as the moderator. The game show will showcase some of our local talents such as Kiray, Xander Ford etc. and the Korean artist BNF Benefit. Aja Aja Tayo!  A one-hour variety game show with two teams competing against each other every Saturday. Consists of 6 games divided into two episodes.   Will run for one season with 13 episodes.

The show is not only a game show but will serve as the venue to introduced Korean artist to K Pop artist fanatics here in the Philippines.

Please do watch the first multinational variety game show in the Philippines, Aja Aja Tayo! make it a habit to watch and enjoy the fun every Saturday,11:30am to 12:30pm  starting July 21 only at TV5.


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Starla to replace Cardo Dalisay?

Local Showbiz Pinoy Soap Opera Queen, Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo is back. The Queen is back on Television to star in teleserye anew as “Starla”. After a five-year hiatus, Judy Ann Santos retuned with teleserye under the direction of Onat Diaz and will be joined by Joem Bascon and Kathleen Hermosa along with other veteran actors. Though full details are not yet revealed.

STARLA said to replace the crime series time slots of Cardo Dalisay “Ang Probinsyano” who aired last September 2015. Wich I guess the series already reached its peak and time to end.


Goodbye Whitney Houston

For an avid fan, the death of the Queen of Pop Music Whitney Houston saddened me. She died on Saturday 02/12/2012 before the Grammy Awards. Whitney is known for the songs All at Once, Run To You, The Greatest Love of All, One Moment in Time. She made her acting debut as Rachel Marron with Kevin Costner with “The Bodyguard”. She influenced many singers such as Mariah Carey, and even here in the Philippines. Some of our Filipina singers tried to mimic her singing style. But because of the alleged drug addiction, she lost her career. Many fans have been disappointed with her because they noticed that her good voice had been damaged.

I just want to share this video Uploaded by  on Feb 12, 2012 on youtube.



Green Lantern and Cecon

Yesterday we watched the movie premiere of the Green Lantern co-sponsored by Cecon 500g chewable and Cecon Advance that will help improve your mental energy. Cecon Advance is rich in Vit B and Zinc, and since it’s high in Vitamins C, Cecon strengthens your immunity.


CAREDIVAS is the story of five gay givers based in Israel. Caring for the day and an all-out group Gay Divas at night in a small club. They also dreamed that one day will be able to perform at a big club in Tel Aviv.

This play is not only about character, being gay. It also reflects about how to struggle and live the Filipino gay or not in other areas to help for their loved ones. It also showed that each of them has a secret hiding in their lives. And the acceptance of who and what you truly love people. It also showed that love is open to all regardless of their cultural differences.

For all the artists who perform in every character, Congratulations! Thank you for meaningful work and a good story you have shared with each one of us.

Lihim ni Antonio, Win in Spain

Film Director Joselito “Jay” Altarejos “Lihim ni Antonio”  written by Lex Bonife wins as Best Film in the concluded Festival de la Luna 2010 an international Gay and Lesbian film festival in Valencia, Spain last  September 20 to 26. The movie shown here last 2008, it tells about the story of a curious teenager regarding his own sexuality. His first sex experience was with his best buddy that led to the destruction of their friendship. His own uncle lives with them and shares room with him.  One day, he was raped when he refused his uncle desire to penetrate him. Then her mother arrives, seeing her son sexually abused she kill his uncle.

The movie starred Kenji Garcia, Shamaine Buencamino with Nino Fernandez, Josh Ivan Morales and Jiro Manio.

Congratulation Direk Jay.. Hope you will have another entry for next year would it be Ang Laro ng  Buhay ni Juan or Laruang Lalake?