Zoobic Safari Celebrating its 15 Year!


Zoobic Safari, the only Safari offers “NIght Safari” in the Philippines is celebrating its 15th Year with the “Binagbag Arts and Music Festival” on May 17, 2019 at 5PM in the grounds of Zoobic Safari in Subic. According to the organizers it is the biggest Arts and Music activity in Subic with expected 5000 in attendance. The event will be participated by different local and national artists like Franco, Dicta License, Anima Tierra, Momo DeMonster, The Brown Candles, 21st Fever, Reberde, Bushwaker among others who will participate in the music fest with RadioJock Ayi of UFM 105.5 and Anginell Topacio as hosts.

Binagbag is a Zambal word which  means “Forest or Kagubatan”.

Zoomanity Group aims to promote and expand Zoo Tourism in the Philippines, introducing new projects that emphasize learning thru experience.

The facilities are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages. With the goal of giving the best tourist destination and nature educational experiences.

According to the Chief Operations Officer of Zoobic Safari, May Gamir,“Under the Yupangco Group of Companies, Zoomanity Group is one of the leading zoo / theme park industry in the Philippines. It consists 8 operational local and international parks namely:

– Zoobic Safari in Subic

– Zoori (Zoo at Residence Inn) in Tagaytay

– Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez Cavite

– Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga

– Clark Lahar Safari, Clark Pampanga

– Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol

– Zootopia in Nagano, Japan

– Breeding and research facility in Victoria, Australia.

Following Zoomanity Group’s Mission and Vision is to be the best nature theme park in the country and eventually in the world focusing on our Four (4) “E” pillars:

* Education

* Environmental conservation

* Exhibit and

* Entertainment

Our Advocacy: To make the Philippines One Big Green Park.”

Part of Zoomanity group corporate social responsibility is to help the local people around the parks, giving employment especially to the “Aytas” or indigenous groups.

For 15 Years, part of the Zoobic Safari manpower came from the Aetas communities in Subic. It has been an amazing 15 years working alongside with these wonderful people. Part of the proceeds of this event will be for the Medical and Dental Mission of our Aetas brothers and sisters.

Supported by Tag Media Group, Jollibee and Lemon Square Coffee Break & Square Lava Cake.  For more information, please check www.zoomanity.com.ph or Call  02 2193503.


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