SSS-Gabay sa Pagiging Miyembro

I got these publications during my recent visit to SSS office. I am sharing this for both employed and voluntary members. This is printed in “tagalog ” so that everyone can easily comprehend the guidelines of being an SSS member.

sss employee
Published by the SSS Corporate Communication Department February 2018
sss employee2
Published by the SSS Corporate Communication Department February 2018

Voluntary members, particularly those overseas workers this is a Must for you.


voluntary 2

Published by the SSS Corporate Communication Department February 2018

This will help us as we reach our retiring age. With a paid contributions of at least 120 months, you are entitled to receive a monthly pension. Your pension will be dependent on the amount you have contributed.

One good thing with SSS is that those who have not reached the 120-month contribution will still eligible to receive a lump-sum benefit based on how much you and your employer contributed.

Every employee member is entitled to benefits under SSS and EC-Employees Compensation. However, voluntary and self-employed members are exempted under the EC program.

Member can basically benefits provide under SSS programs:

As member, you should always check if your employer reported you and religiously remitted your contributions.


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