Wanted: Majolica Majorca


For my fellow bloggers if you have friends and for those who are looking for work and who is qualified for our Job Hiring. We have an urgent requirement especially the BC position.

 Beauty Consultant (BC) for the new brand of make-up  Majolica Majorca from Shiseido Company, the leading Japanese cosmetics producer.  Shiseido has created an exciting brand in ‘Majolica Majorca’ and its intended for the young women and young professionals. Its brand name is an inspiration came from a magical spell

The spell-like ‘Majolica Majorca’ label was taken from the fantasy legend about a simple bird with a pure heart that wanted all things beautiful. It adorned itself with a collection of attractive, elegant and unique feathers and soon enough, it looked charmingly ravishing. The Goddess of Beauty took notice of the bird’s creativity and courage and was filled with admiration. With this, she cast a powerful spell and uttered “Majolica Majorca!” The feathers accenting the bird’s body all became real and a crown appeared atop of the bird’s head. After this, the bird became an Evangelist of Beauty. The enchanted Goddess said, “Go forth into the world, and make all women beautiful”.

For those interested just visit us in our office.


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