CAREDIVAS is the story of five gay givers based in Israel. Caring for the day and an all-out group Gay Divas at night in a small club. They also dreamed that one day will be able to perform at a big club in Tel Aviv.

This play is not only about character, being gay. It also reflects about how to struggle and live the Filipino gay or not in other areas to help for their loved ones. It also showed that each of them has a secret hiding in their lives. And the acceptance of who and what you truly love people. It also showed that love is open to all regardless of their cultural differences.

For all the artists who perform in every character, Congratulations! Thank you for meaningful work and a good story you have shared with each one of us.


SFC – Christian Life Program

Are you ready to Experience an Extraordinary Love? Join us on a Journey of a Spiritual Renewal as SFC Pola will be having our Christian Life Program that will run for 12 consecutive Thursday starting March 10, 2011, with an orientation at Sta Rita Chapel, Silangan St, Mandaluyong City.