Month Of Faith (SFC ICON)

This coming February 18-20 the biggest event will happen in the lives of many single men and women all over the world as we gathers in the Singles for Christ 18th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE with the Theme “ I STAND “. It will be a busiest days for the host province CAMSUR as they prepare to “STAND with the LORD”.

This will be my first time attending this event. And I guess it’s high time to claim the Victory for all of us in the community of Singles for Christ. Last December until the last minute some of us have made our effort from caroling to garage sale just to raise funds to those brother and sisters who wish to go in the ICON but doesn’t have enough budget for this event. With God’s help they will join in us to ICON.

I am looking forward for an inspiring experience will happen during these days. To all of us in SFC POLA let us “claim the Victory and put on the armor of God for he is with us”


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