Lihim ni Antonio, Win in Spain

Film Director Joselito “Jay” Altarejos “Lihim ni Antonio”  written by Lex Bonife wins as Best Film in the concluded Festival de la Luna 2010 an international Gay and Lesbian film festival in Valencia, Spain last  September 20 to 26. The movie shown here last 2008, it tells about the story of a curious teenager regarding his own sexuality. His first sex experience was with his best buddy that led to the destruction of their friendship. His own uncle lives with them and shares room with him.  One day, he was raped when he refused his uncle desire to penetrate him. Then her mother arrives, seeing her son sexually abused she kill his uncle.

The movie starred Kenji Garcia, Shamaine Buencamino with Nino Fernandez, Josh Ivan Morales and Jiro Manio.

Congratulation Direk Jay.. Hope you will have another entry for next year would it be Ang Laro ng  Buhay ni Juan or Laruang Lalake?


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