Eat, Pray and Love

my own cover for epl

I have read in The Philippine Star Eat Pray and Love essay writing contest based on the Book of the same title yesterday and I have been interested in the Book itself and not with the contest.

I searched on the internet about the book and I found out that this is the chronicle of the author’s search for everything.  After her divorce she travels around the world, she spent her time in Italy (Eat) enjoying her life, she also been to India assessing her spirituality (Pray) and in Indonesia in finding her Love.

I guess I will buy a copy of this book and try to read what the author is trying to tell us in rediscovering oneself. I don’t have the money to travel around the world but I can do the self-assessment in my own little way. Well I am not the person who doesn’t eat well, I am not a religious person but I am still struggling to do well as a Christian, I pray every morning and during bedtime but that was a simple Thank You to God. This year I was so blessed having in a community of single men and women who served and worship God. But it doesn’t mean that I am now living in a perfect life. We still do our best to be perfect in the Christian way of life.  My life was not so good; my parents separated when I was 10 years old and from that time I didn’t feel that there is Love. Though my grandmother and my two aunties have loved us so much.  I felt so much pain whenever I see a happy family full of love with each other… I have been in a failed relationship for many times, but my longing for love and happiness doesn’t stop me to find again and again. But I realized that it will never happen and there is no forever in the same-sex relationship. At my age, I experienced a lot of suffering, rejection, and desperation in Life.  I have been so blind that having a relationship will give me happiness, yes in a few months of the relationship but it will lead you to neglect your family and even your friends whom you have a good relationship. They are not there for your happiness but they are there to comfort you. Having a good salary will give me freedom, yes you may be free from your financial obligation but not to an endless responsibility to your job. You don’t have to go somewhere else to find Love. Having seen you alive, your family, friends and all the things around us are great manifestations of Love.  God’s Love us so much and is always with us. Just look for God and find time to know him.  Ask Him to teach us to pray regularly and be passionate about loving a person.


2 thoughts on “Eat, Pray and Love

  1. Hi Empress,

    I read your short essay here. Did you improve this and submitted it as entry to the said contest? I think it has good content! Personally, I was touched by what you have gone through and are going through in life. Be strong, girl.


    Hi Mika , thanks for reading… no i did not submitted it to the contest. I was inspired by the contest thats why I wrote this and share my experience. God Bless You…


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