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GRELTech  Software Development is an IT Service Provider, committed to deliver a high quality business solutions, training and services with cost competence and flexibility.

Our People: Marketing

GRELtech heritage is primarily founded on its people’s experience in marketing IT solutions. Collectively, the people at GRELTech have more than five (5) years of marketing experience.

System Development

A highly skilled Team with more than eight (8) years of experienced in the industry of information technology committed in developing applications in different language program.


GRELTech will leverage its proven reliability in terms of software development and training services. We will exceed customer expectations and accountability. We will help our clients do their business effectively, successfully and achieve efficiency of their time, investment and resources.

Our Business Solutions:

* eBilling System
* Hospital Administration System
* Clinic System
* Inventory System
* Payroll Solution
* HR System


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