Ang Ladlad is now a Party List.

Finally we’ve made it. I read in the Philippine Star this morning that “Ang Ladlad has finally made it as Party List in 2010 Election.

“The controversial gay rights group Ang Ladlad has made it to the list but not 162 other party-list aspirants.
In its 33-page Resolution No. 8744, the Comelec said the groups’ petitions for accreditation have been approved on the recommendation of the agency’s law department.
The Comelec said the accredited party-list groups have been carefully scrutinized for their track records, programs of action, and nationwide visibility and influence.
Comelec Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal said Ang Ladlad’s inclusion in the list was on orders of the Supreme Court.
he high tribunal earlier said Ang Ladlad should stay on the list pending the resolution of its petition against a Comelec ruling barring it from the party-list polls.
The poll body said the 144 approved party-list groups should each submit not later than March 6 a list of five nominees or those who will take House seats in case they are elected.
Larrazabal said the names of the nominees would be published by the Comelec to enable the public to check their backgrounds.
The party-list system was conceived in 2001 to ensure that marginalized sectors are given representation in Congress.
But in the 2007 polls, some party-list organizations became controversial because of their nominees.
Two of them were Kasangga whose nominee Lourdes Arroyo is a sister of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, and Ang Bantay whose nominee, retired military general Jovito Palparan, is being accused by militant groups of human rights violations.
Larrazabal said concerned individuals may contest with the Comelec the choice of a nominee if they think he or she does not deserve to represent a certain sector.”
Let us support Ang Ladlad.


2 thoughts on “Ang Ladlad is now a Party List.

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