I am back

After a long week of absence in the blogosphere, I am now back again. My long absence was not just I do not want to write anything but I was hooked up to Face book application. I even go to the internet café just to make sure that I will do the Pet Society, pets_banner
Farm Town and many other applications in Face book. Aside from these games, I am also back to school. I enrolled in a night classes in English training course here in one of the Universities in Mandaluyong. Its fun to be backed again.


The Sex Video Scandal – My comment

For the past week, we are all eyes and curious about the circulated sex video of two celebrities. It has been a topic in most of the tabloids, TV programs and showbiz talk show and even in all blogs. Many people have been involved in this scandal. These Halili and Kho sex video scandals brought the attention of our good Senator. They become interested in the case and help to investigate who uploaded the video. Last week, we heard Dr. Kho in the Senate Hearing. He told sex and drugs on his video scandal along with several women including Katrina. However, he refused to name his supplier of illegal drugs to protect his family.

Katrina admitted committing a mistake in falling in love with Dr. Kho. However, because of the circulated sex video, she is now seeking to get justice for what Hayden has done to her and the other girls on the videotape while having sex with him.

The question now is will she get justice now her case is in the Senate? I hope it will not get anywhere. Our Senate has not resolved anything. From Hello Garci to ZTE scandal among others nothing has been resolved or should we say they just investigating for nothing.

I guess this was just another media mileage. They will get chance to be popular again now that the election is just a year away. Our Senators should prioritize many issues concerning our country and our people.