The year 2009 was not a good start for us particularly to me because I might be loosing my job. I am working in a third-party agency or the workers service contractors.

Last January 5, I have heard that my client will be transferring to another one. For almost a decade of relationship with our company, they will be transferring to a new one. What happen? Is our service not enough for them? However, we have already established a good working relationship for them and performance wise they have nothing against us. These are some questions that are on my mind. Later this morning, the official announcement of disengagement was made and it is finally over.

I knew that disengagement is made because our client found a new one. That offers an EVAT EXEMPTION. Can you imagine how much the government will be loosing if this Company will be exempted to their TAX obligation. Who are the people who will give to those multi-national company an EVAT exemption and invading the industry of third party –contractor? They called themselves as “LABOR COOPERATIVE” under the Cooperative Development Administration. The operation and concept of these workers cooperative is very similar to the usual labor service company who deployed qualified applicant to their client except for the terminologies used. The employee hired will be called a member or in other term  you are a self employed that’s why when you have argument or disputes on labor relationship you can not  go to DOLE to seek assistance.

What I am pointing here is that they are killing our industry and loosing revenues to our government. Granted that they are Cooperatives but their clients are NOT. While the CLIENTS are exempted to EVAT as well as themselves but their members are not. Now, is it fair?

We are not talking of handful members here but this cooperative has already 31,000 members. Moreover, how many Companies are not paying EVAT and other charges due to the government? Now who is responsible to this?

I delete the letter for some reason.


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I am an HR practitioner by profession. I have a passion for writing but definitely not a writer. I created this blog 2008 just to journal my thoughts, ideas and my opinions that went through my mind. Now I'm back into blogging after almost 6-year hiatus.

7 thoughts on “Is It FAIR?

    1. maraming salamat Kengks sa pag re post mo ulit nito . I am sure marami sa atin ang magiging aware sa kalakarang ito ng pag singil ng Tax.


  1. e bakit daw hindi na lang alisin yung tax na yun kung pwede palang lampasan para fair sa lahat? ay ewan, hindi ko maintindihan.

    ====== Kengks di wala silang maibubulsa pag lahat eh exempted. hindi natin talaga maintindihan ang mga utak ng mga magagaling nating mambabatas.


  2. ganyan naman talaga dito sa atin, ang dami ng di totoong nagbabayad ng buwis kaya hirap ang pinas, kasama pa ang mga buwaya ng gobyerno na kurakot

    === Korek ka dyan, kaya kung ano ano ang ginagawang batas para maka ipon ng pondo ang gobyerno tapos hindi pa para sa lahat.


  3. i am sorry to hear about this. ayan, napa inglis tuloy ako. pano sila naging exempted sa EVAT tapos yung ibang companies must pay? hmmm

    tulungan kita dito. ano ba yan, para lang makatipid e gagawa ng paraan na parang hindi naman tama.

    —– Well Kengks serious case pala talaga ito, dahil me RA ang government na i exempt ang mga ganitong Cooperatives as well as their members and non members. Imagine kung magkano ang taxes na hindi nakokolekta ng government sa kanila every year…..


  4. This is frightening to all IT professional. Some will lose the jobs, salary will become lower because you are not regular employees, government will lose taxes, quality of service will diminish and this is basically related to the present situation of many factories in the Philippines. They call in subcon of subcon….

    —– Thanks for visiting my blog. If this will be the trend here in the Philippines the government will not collect enough tax revenues.


  5. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!
    ….. Thank you for adding me.


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