Celebrate Life with your Friend

“Healthy doses of the right people will fortify your soul and lift your sprits.”

By Lalaine Zialcita

They say that blood is thicker than water. But when our parents, sibling and other relatives can’t help to whom do we turn, to a friend. They are among life’s finest gift.

Staying healthy is not just about being fit. It is also involves sustaining emotional needs to be recognized, understood, and be heard especially during trying time. We often turn the intimacy of relationship with family and friends.
Having close friends is associated with positive emotional health and social adjustment. Some says friendship can fight off depression and improve health.
To be emotionally healthy human beings used to love and be loved and ro feel worthwhile to them and to other.
Strong support system courtesy of close friendships help people adjusts to life’s difficulties faster, improves social skills and paves the way for tolerance and understanding. Cultivating quality friendships takes work many people believe that friends are good investment

How to grow beautiful friendship

Make your friend a priority. – Just gives your friend quality time and exert some effort needed to sustain long and fruitful relationship. This doesn’t mean you will neglect your relationship with your family

Being Selective – simply drop those people who are not worth the time and effort. stay away in a relationship when it becomes a one-way street.

Keeping communication open – Send them personal messages or call them. But nothing beats a real conversation.

Praising generously it is very important for a deeper relationship. Sending and receiving Praise will generate a sense of warmth and well being within you.

Being cautious with criticism – Want to have enemies with your friend? Criticize them like there was no tomorrow magnify their flaws and ignore their good qualities.

Practice loyalty during the best and worst of times is the essential ingredient in solid relationship. No loyalty no friendship?

Showing your love nothing will deepen a friendship more than a practical act of kindness

Genuine friends know us support us and understand us with your friend you can be yourself, share your thoughts, your craziness, your dreams. Friends help you grow and celebrate life.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate Life with your Friend

  1. Chito July 23, 2008 / 6:25 pm

    “Praising generously it is very important for a deeper relationship. Sending and receiving Praise will generate a sense of warmth and well being within you.”

    I can’t praise you enough for your wit and intelligence. WHEW! It’s getting hot in here. Are you feeling warm also? But you know it’s a nice kind of warm. Actually feels pretty good. Inside. 🙂

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