How does one live with Joy?


So many people in the world are in search of that elusive thing which can truly bring them happiness and most of the people who feel despondent are looking for a sense of purpose a way to make their life count. In the inspiring book “What is Missing? “ recommend five steps;

1.Ask yourself every day what you can do to be more helpful to other then do it.
2.Write, phone or email; someone each day and say how much you appreciate the person
3.Ask what you can do to help
4.Commit yourself to a single act of kindness in your family, your school, or in your work place before the day is done
5.Think someone you have not forgiven for something. Then forgive them this day.

It is essentially in giving of ourselves and our time to other people that we can find joy it is often in the giving that joy effortlessly come to us.
Now to answer the above question is simple give, forgive and travel light. Let go of your Cares and let GOD do the rest.

So how would we become a transmitter of Joy?
(Adopted from a magazine)


2 thoughts on “How does one live with Joy?

  1. ey..i love this..parang nasipilitan na akong magbago..pero ngayun araw lang..lols..thanks..just added u.
    …thanks for adding me… at least kahit isang araw lang nag bago ka hehehe 😉


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