Do we expect wage hike?

Employers expressed willingness to increase wages. But not the proposal for a legislated wage hike. The employers group insisted that a legislated wage hike would likely do more harm than good to the majority of low income workers. It is also said that a legislated wage hike would only hamper operations particularly the small one who cannot absorb the new wage hike. If this will be legislated businesses will have no choice bug to trim their work force.

A suggestion to our legislator instead off riding on the wage issue is to focus on setting up a safety net or tax exemption. This proposal is to reduce the taxable income of fixed income workers. By increasing the level of his or her personal exemption would mean increase in Buying Power of millions of Filipino Families. If this will be mandated a large number of workers will enjoy the benefits. This will all employees, while at the same time sparing those receiving minimum pay income tax.

If this tax exemption would be implemented, thus this means a loss to our government?

The question now, do we have a Wage Hike this Labor Day?



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