Ramiele after American Idol

Last Sunday I read an article about Ramiele Malubay’s sour-graping in American Idol. It becomes a regular topic among Idol fans her song choices and fashion picks since singing “You don’t have to say you love me”


She was eliminated during the Dolly Parton night. She sang “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”.  It was no surprise at all when Ryan Seacrest announced that Ramiele would be leaving American Idol. Right after her elimination, a blogged allegedly by her circulated on the internet, a sentiments about the results and blame a “technical glitch” on her my space account. She said “There’s a news from people here in USA who were mad because they were dialing my number but instead of thank you for voting Ramiel, it was thank you for voting other’s name”.


It could have been a simple sour-graping but the blog continued to revealed how Malubay reportedly desuaded with her original song choices, the blog also touched on the show’s strategy in order to gain ratings and they make some noise. The stripper issue, the nasty photos which are not, the myspace video, and the album of Carly Smithson, etc. and they won.


She ended the blog with an offer reportedly coming from ABS-CBN bringing her to the country. She also said she saw the elimination coming after she did “Do I ever Cross your Mind”. “I felt going home last night. I just felt it a lot more when Dolly sing that song. I was praying while she was singing. But its OK someone has to leave and there is only one winner”.

source: Manila Bulletin, Sunday April 13, 2008




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